Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Skiing

After Christmas morning we headed out for a 12 our drive to Angel Fire, NM which is close to Taos. We stayed for five days with another couple who have four kids of similar ages. It was a lot of fun but a very long drive! All three boys took ski school for a couple of days and are proving to be great skiiers. More pictures to come when I figure out how to upload to my ipad!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Who's child is this?

London came down stairs today after she had been up there for quite a while and was calling for me to take a picture. As I came around the corner she was saying "Look Mom, I'm a Hot Girl!"

Sunday, October 31, 2010

A New Addition to Our Family!

MEET ROXY: Yes, it's true we have a new addition and believe me when I tell you it is a lot like a 5th child, only this one doesn't wear diapers, and with all the accidents we have had I wish she did. Thank goodness she is such a cute Boxer. The kids love her and London thinks she is just a baby doll and wraps her in her blankets and pushes her in the stroller. They are having a lot of fun with her.

Our Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

The Hayride: Cayden and Preston are getting SO big!

Open wide!! Who knew cows eat bread?

Our friends The Perkins: Tami, Grady and Kalia

Maddox and Kalia

Preston Plays Flag Football

Future Cheerleaders!

If you look close enough you can see Maddox filling in on the main line.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Cayden and London

While we were on vacation Cayden turned 11 and London turned 3! I really can't believe they are that old...but since we were gone we had a shared birthday party with family and friends and also watched the Ducks cream PSU. London got her first quad and we made sure it was pink thinking that would keep the boys off but they still wanted to ride it just the same.

Our 15 year anniversary vacation

I was surprised when Jason told me that he had planned a trip to Italy and Greece and did it all without me knowing! I have wanted to go to Greece for a long time but with 4 kiddos did not think it would be possible any time in the near future. Now I think I have the travel bug again and would love to see other countries as well as learn a new language, since English really is NOT a universal language, but it did make the trip a bit more interesting. The first experience we had was at dinner when the waiter showed up to take our orders and asked if we preferred "Gas or No Gas." I was a little surprised and without thinking replied, "No Gas." He then returned with 2 waters and as he set them on the table said, "No Gas..." Ahhh, he meant carbonated or non-carbonated water!! Well, that's a relief. This picture below is on Santorini:

This is a picture of the ruins in Katakalon, Greece at the site where the original Olympics (back in 550BC)v were held. We found out that they still light the Olympic torch here during the olympics.

This is a picture of a Gondelier in Venice.
This is the size of an economy rental car, and it seats 4 people...When we tried to explain the kind of car we drive(Suburban) to them they said "Oh, you mean a Bus!" Yes, I guess that is true...
Church in Santorini...

This is in Dubrovinik, Croatia
These windmills are in Mykonos, Greece and they actually rent them out to sleep in.
Another picture of my favorite island, Santorini
The not so well like donkey trail of 600 steps to the top of Santorini where the town actually is at.
Those would be the trail of steps...

We arrived at the airport at 5am after being gone for 11 days and found out they had moved our flight to the next day unbeknownst to us! Needless to say I was not happy at this point and missing my kids a ton, plus we had to rent earlier mentioned tiny match box car. But we found a hotel and we headed for the mountains and were so surprised at how beautiful it was. It was like we were back in the "Sound of Music." We were so glad we got to go up there and felt it was worth the trip.

This is an Olympic ski jump and was way more steep in person than it appeared here...

So at dinner we were seated with another couple from Spain, Dani and Christina, who were the same age as us and also had 2 boys close in age to our kids. We seemed to have a lot in common and really enjoyed hanging out with them. We will miss them but maybe they will come visit us sometime or we might just have to go see them!
The little island of Burano, known for its lace and brightly multi-colored houses.